Please highly consider Chris Sudsina and City Surveillance Pittsburgh for any and all security needs.  In few words “The service is 24/7 outstanding”  That’s what you need and wish to expect in a top notch security company.  We have utilized Chris and his company of professionals for over 9 years and quality of equipment and service has been outstanding. Equipment is clear, high quality (never had an issue) and service is quick, efficient, and affordable. Please feel free to call me anytime to discuss the merits of Chris and his organization.

Dave BrudyDRB Group LLC

About one and a half years ago, Chris at City Surveillance Pittsburgh installed cameras for me in a CCTV system in response to a major burglary in my neighborhood.  Chris came right away to listen to my concerns patiently, assessed my property with veteran eyes, and came up with a plan that was comprehensive for my property at a price that I could afford.  This plan was well executed within 1-2 days of the assessment.  He and his team of guys have been so responsive, caring and professional from day 1 til now if ever an issue arises (like when I reset my internet or when I accidentally turned off a camera on my app).  I feel blessed having these truly good guys watching over the security of my home and highly recommend them to everyone.

DarleneFox Chapel

I cannot recommend City Surveillance and Chris Sudsina enough. I did several months of research for what we wanted for our home. We didn’t want an outside company’s equipment where we had to pay for monitoring and did not have full access to our data.  We did not want “low end”, found online equipment, where we would own them, but would have to mess with batteries and poor recording quality. Chris seems to be the only company that installs high-quality, affordable residential CCTV systems and let me tell you, we could not be more satisfied. Chris came out do give us an estimate and instead of trying to sell us more equipment, he was honest and outright said we only needed 4 cameras instead of 6 for our home. The price was perfect, less than we thought it would be for the professional-grade cameras and monitor. The installers were the absolute best, explaining where everything would go, how everything worked and answered any of my questions immediately.  Chris was on site for the installation, too!  Who does that today? Of course, I have an off-brand smartphone and had some issues with the mobile app the first day (smartphone issue, not the system!), but it was fixed in less than 24 hours, with Chris and Nick on the phone with me and the tech sending me a step-by-step video of exactly what to do to make sure I did it correctly. The HD quality video we receive is phenomenal and the system is so user friendly it is ridiculous!  Do not waste your hard-earned money buying a system that you will have to replace in a few years or change batteries.  Why pay a monthly fee to have someone else to monitor your system? Invest in peace of mind, get the best quality and go with City Surveillance!

Cyndie Parzuhoski

Over the past few months, I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with Mr. Chris Sudsina the Owner, Founder and President of City Surveillance Pittsburgh. Chris has been in the security business for over two decades and created his company City Surveillance Pittsburgh 20 years ago to provide a valuable security service for commercial, retail and residential customers throughout the tri-state area and around the nation.

City Surveillance is a Pittsburgh based company providing state-of-the-art video surveillance technology locally and across the nation. They do more than just sell quality products; they design customized security camera solutions, closed circuit television installations to fit a customer’s specific needs and budget. They ensure that your surveillance system is
private to you only, as well as, without monthly costs or fees. I personally spent a number of years looking for this exact kind of service in Pittsburgh but always found the companies that want to charge a never-ending fee for the service, when a few months ago, a technology friend of mine introduced me to Chris and I’m truly happy he did.

As a past valued customer, I would also like to introduce you to Chris Sudsina and highly recommend you grant him an introductory 20-minute meeting to see if his company’s services can fulfill a need for you. Please, reach out to Chris at (412) 377-4233.

William E. Hardisty

This message is to state that City Surveillance of Pittsburg is a Top-of-the-Line service company. Which was professionally expressed before and after the purchase and installation of surveillance systems for our Church and Athletic buildings here in Philadelphia. The owner came to Philadelphia, presented the equipment and that’s exactly what was installed as promised. More importantly, City Surveillance showed a tremendous amount of respect for the building in which they were working.  (The Church). Their equipment is state of the art, and top notch. We also appreciate the level of support that continues to follow the installation. We are very pleased with the services provided and have recommended City Surveillance to other small businesses and members of the church.

Jerry Pendergrass

Awesome, awesome service! My husband and I wanted a good, professional grade system on our house. After reading many reviews, we called City Surveillance (Pittsburgh) for a quote and the owner, Chris Sudsina, came out the same day to do a walk through. He was very thorough while asking about the security camera placements and where everything would be residing once installed. His team patiently adjusted and readjusted the cameras to my satisfaction. Our infrared, wide footage cameras look great even in total darkness. Even more, we can access them from our mobile app and laptop from wherever we are. We can now sleep peacefully knowing our home is protected with high quality surveillance. Highly recommended!

Sharon Nicholson

It is with much enthusiasm that I recommend City Surveillance Pittsburgh.

We have been using City Surveillance to service our existing camera system as well as to restore and expand our coverage. Since our first install in 2017, the owner Chris Sudsina has been personally involved in the maintenance of the system. The level of service we have received over the past years far exceeded our expectations.

We have had multiple issues with our internet providers that caused the online functionality of our camera system to fail. Chris has had these issues repaired expediently and free of charge. Even though it had nothing to do with his product or installation, he came out personally with the techs to ensure our system was kept to the quality of the original installation.

I cannot recommend more highly the services provided by Chris and his staff. Friendly, professional and knowledgeable about all aspects of the business, City Surveillance Pittsburgh is our only consideration to expand and maintain our camera system as surveillance become more important to protect our investment in our company.

Ryan CarrozziGeneral Manager, Roland’s Seafood Grill & Iron Landing

Top notch company with employees to match! Austin and Brent did my installation with such a high level of professionalism that allows me to recommend City Surveillance to anyone interested in a security system for their home or business. I purchased a system for my business and after that experience, I immediately wanted them to do my home! They sell different levels of equipment to fit any budget and have very experienced technicians that will assist with your needs. I am very pleased with my experience every step of the way, from Chris the owner to the employees that ensured perfection as well as making sure I completely understood all the capabilities of my systems! I truly appreciate all the great work!

Brian Kaminski

Great service before and after the sale! City Surveillance makes big jobs look easy. They installed equipment at my business a few years ago and they were the first people I called for the protection of my new business. Their equipment is top notch, prices are low and Chris, the owner, will make the whole process easy for you.

Chris Odasso

I’m happy to recommend City Surveillance to anyone who may be interested in setting up a security system in their home or business. The quality of the IP camera equipment they installed for me was excellent, and the images they generate are nothing short of impressive. Maybe more importantly, the owner and his staff were always quick to knowledgeably answer my questions and did not hesitate to schedule a service call with me when the need arose. They installed two eight-channel systems for me at separate locations in just two days. I can sincerely suggest to anyone reading this that they absolutely stand behind their products and services.

David Rosenberg

I’ve known Chris for about six years now and . . . Chris is ALL Pittsburgh. He lives in the North Hills and is a great guy who does great work. He installed two systems in my business (here in Pittsburgh) and I refer him to anyone I talk with who is looking for a surveillance system. Give Chris a call you’ll be happy you did.

Tripp Clarke

Local Service from actual, honest professionals. Chris and his team are truly the best to work with beyond just the installation aspect. He and his team have been able to accurately answer all the questions I have and address the concerns of my staff. Thanks again, and I would recommend them to anyone who needs surveillance.

Dylan Roush

Great company with excellent service and reliability. The installers were very professional and mindful of our home when working. The equipment that we received is absolutely stunning and I would recommend this company to anyone looking for surveillance cameras for their home or business.

Linda Bristow